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  • EY-A5 automatically loaded pen machine
  • Author: admin date: 2012/12/12 11:27:51
  • EY-A5 automatically loaded pen machine

    1, the main features:

    The machine uses the operation of the human-machine interface, by the PLC microcomputer and high-precision sensors for machine control and detection, frequency converter and encoder enables high-speed operation of the aircraft to ensure stability and orderly work, the series of models JB industry standard design, linked by mechanical, pneumatic assisted design philosophy, transmission

    Technical parameters:

    Production capacity

    (VVVF) 60 to 100 / minute
    Host power 0.75KW
    Working Pressure 0.6Mpa
    Reference size 1820×840×1500(mm)
    Reference weight 800KG
    Power supply AC220V  50~60Hz
    Power consumption 1.5KW / h

    3, loaded pen machine workflow:

    (1) fed pen tube, (2) fed into the cotton heart ③ cotton heart injected ink, the ④ detected cotton heart water content, (5) inserted into the back cover ⑥ back cover detection, the ⑦ insertion nib, the ⑧ nib detection, the ⑨ sealed before the cover ⑩ detect pen.

    Note: Any units detect non-compliance will automatically stop waiting to be
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